At Sarch we do our best to make your boat the best. We have a strong commitment with the high quality construction, although that sets us apart from the 90% of the shipbuilding sector that only uses lower quality materials such as polyester or fiberglass. Manual work is combined with the most advanced techniques in shipbuilding. The infusion of vacuum resin, the use of technical materials such as carbon fiber and attention to detail that allows the construction of the unit, resulting in high quality boats.


We are not satisfied just following the canons of classic design and we turn thing around to get innovative, practical and comfortable products, so you can maximize their performance.



At Sarch we have developed a unique construction method that guarantees the owner an extremely rigid and light boat. A MONOBLOCK construction as Sarch’s designer and chief builder, Axel de la Hidalga, likes to call it. For this, our hulls are manufactured starting from a hard core of 100% Okume Special Grade marine board, carbon fiber and epoxy resin. To this “outer shell” we laminate all the reinforcements that will constitute the skeleton of the ship. By laminating we mean joining the reinforcements to the hull first using epoxy putty and then with technical fibers of glass and epoxy resin, creating an ultra-resistant joint and making the whole an extra rigid and resistant block.

Once laminated the reinforcements are sanded to achieve a smooth finish and that the reinforcement is integrated visually ( physically already is) into the inner walls of the hull.

The combination of 100% okume marine board with epoxy offers, by far, the best result in life cycle analysis (A.C.V.)

Download HERE the article Sarch High Quality boats to know more about our constructive method


SARCH COMPOSITES ha recibido el apoyo de la UE en su proyecto de Revisión Estratégica de su Internacionalización, con el programa operativo FEDER de la C. Valenciana 2014-2020.

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