At Sarch we design and build our boats. But what we like the most is that you sail them… If you are a lover of daily boat trips and enjoy the pleasure of sailing, the dS series is made for you. In it you will find beauties like the Sarch dS6, a small daysailer for daily sailing and club regattas, the dS8 a great daysaler that will become the envy of the dock, and the dS10 an elegant weekender, with a comfortable interior and an exterior dreamlike.

But if instead you want to make longer trips, where you can enjoy a good navigation and also enjoy a comfortable cruise interior try the S Cruiser Series. The starting model of this series is the renowned Sarch S7, a fast, towable and comfortable boat of 7m length. And in 2021 the S Cruiser series features a new model, the Sarch S8. More volume, more space, less limits. You choose!


Sarch dS, our most elegant series. Sarch Design & Sport are designed from the heart. So the owner can FEEL when sailing. Beautiful boats, with clean lines, but at the same time light, fast and above all safe, solid and stable. Because beauty is not incompatible with functionality and at Sarch we are committed to it, so that the owner can have it all on his boat.


The series starts with the little Sarch dS6. A toy in the hands of the expert skipper, a perfect sailboat for daily sailings with the family. Maximum enjoyment in navigation. Without pretensions but without giving up a good boat.


New for 2021, the Sarch dS8 strengthens the Sarch dS series, and gives it its true meaning. The new dS8 is the DAYSAILER in capital letters. An 8 m sailboat with clean lines, low freeboard, open deck, huge cockpit and discreet cabin. Sufficient and practical interior. A double bow bed, two long side benches and the possibility of installing amenities such as a fridge or a chemical toilet.



And completing the series, the Sarch dS10 …. The DREAM of any owner. An elegant sailboat, with the performance of a racer with a cruising interior, which does not renounce elegant lines. Where design and sport come together for the greatest enjoyment of the navigator.


Sarch S, the Cruiser series. For the SAILORS. The owners of an Sarch S series boats don’t want to give up anything. Their sailboats are fast, safe, towable and comfortable. The quality of the construction, the finishes and cruise facilities, the performance of a fast-cruiser, and also light and with contained beam to be able to be transported by road, are the DNA of the Sarch S series


The shipyard’s flagship. Everything started with him. The designer Axel de la Hidalga, designed it with his ideal boat in mind. For him, his dream ship had to be fast, but at the same time comfortable to be able to spend several nights on it. It had to be safe and stable and also easily towable. Those ideas were perfectly captured in the Sarch S7, which is already enjoyed by sailors all over Europe.


New for 2021, the Sarch S8 completes the Sarch S series. The Sarch S8 has become the first (truly) towable boat that has the A design category that allows oceanic navigation. The 8m long Sarch cruiser shares the interior design of the Sarch S7, providing greater cabin height and a large cockpit, to enjoy even more both in navigation and while anchoring.



In addition to the small series, we also design and build ONE OFF boats. If you have an idea and nothing comes close to it in the market, get in touch with us. We can capture your needs and build your ideal boat.


SARCH COMPOSITES ha recibido el apoyo de la UE en su proyecto de Revisión Estratégica de su Internacionalización, con el programa operativo FEDER de la C. Valenciana 2014-2020.

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