Do not give up anything! Experience pure fun sailing and enjoy the comforts of a small cruise!

The new S7 SARCH uniquely combines comfort and safety with performance.

It is the new racer for the whole family that surprises with its daring lines and its interior with an extraordinary volume for its length.



WHY NAVIGATE TO 5 KNOTS IF YOU CAN DO IT TO 12? The hull, its lightness and maneuverability makes the Sarch S7 a fast boat to enjoy in any condition. The design of the hull favors a rapid entry into glide. Enjoy the feeling of surfing the sea!

  HIGH QUALITY construction

In the Sarch S7 we combine artisan  with the most advanced techniques and use only high quality materials (Carbon fiber, epoxy... All the best for your boat.



 interior comfort

With the Sarch S7 the concept of comfort has been re-invented in sailboats of little length. Its generous inside volume leaves each visitor speechless.  .

sailing vibes

A wide cockpit (with detachable toe-straps), an optimized maneuver and a great stability make navigation in the S7 a pleasant experience.




It takes just one person and 30 minutes  to tow the boat from the trailer to the water. The maneuver of raising and lowering the mast has been simplified so that one person can easily carry it out. For this purpose, a multifunction bow balcony has been designed that acts as a crane, as well as an aft structure where the mast rests. The Sarch S7 is flat and stable on the trailer, so that in addition to miles you can make thousands of kilometers with it.


The Sarch S7 is one of the few modern sailboats of less than 7 meters that have the B design category that allows you to sail on the high seas. An aluminum keel with lead bulb provides stable and safe navigation. Since a good part of the weight of the boat is 1.70 m deep.



maximum stability

The Sarch keel option is made of tempered aluminum and has a lead bulb, so much of its weight is located as low as possible. This results in a lighter and more stable boat.

 innovative hull design

That facilitates the entry into glide.


It lengthens the effective float length in order to increase the speed in displacement.


Reduces the friction during the glide thanks to the bilges that also exert as anti-shifting surface in the upwind course.



re-study of classical design

Thinking and rethinking ... This is how the

generous inside of the Sarch S7 was designed.

 Separate WC, two spacious double bunk beds, a comfortable seating area and a practical kitchen ... And all this in less than 7 meters in length.

water lines

We have carried out an exhaustive study of the water lines in order to maintain a clean line in heel and for that reason we get an improvement of the performance of the boat in any condition.




Buoyancy reserve by closed cell foam in option. It also has a crash box in the bow. Your safety is our priority.

double rudder system

Having 2 rudders ensures the maneuver even when sailing in large heeling.



easy to hand

The maneuver has been simplified to allow solo sailing.